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1. braut (noun f.)

‘path, way; away’
ONP (prose citations):65728113
SkP: 52127911 (prose):2241392394

forms: braut, *braut, brauta, brautar, Braut f sg, brautin, brautina, brautinni, Braut, brauiu, bruta?, brautar, brautir, brꜹt, braut, brautu, braut, braut, *braut, brꜹto, brto, brꜹtir, brót, brt, brot, brtir


Anon Pét 19VII, l. 2: dagbrauta ‘of the day-paths’
ESk Geisl 23VII, l. 5: Sjónbrautir ‘sight-paths’
ESk Øxfl 8III, l. 6: hrynbrautar ‘resounding road’
Eil Þdr 20III, l. 4: arinbrautar ‘of the hearth-stone-path’
Gamlkan Has 5VII, l. 5: hábrautar ‘of the high path’
Gsind Hákdr 6I, l. 7: valbraut ‘of the slaughter’
OBarr Frag 1III, l. 4: vagnbrautar ‘of the wagon-road’
SnSt Ht 6III, l. 2: slíðrbraut ‘along the scabbard-road’
Þhorn Gldr 1I, l. 4: vébrautar ‘of the standard-road’
Þhorn Gldr 2I, l. 8: vébrautar ‘of the standard-road’
Þhorn Gldr 8I, l. 8: lœbrautar ‘of the pollack-path’

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