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Runic Dictionary

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Prose works relevant to the database

Réttarbætr Hákonar Magnússonar (RbHM)

verse introduction manuscripts contents

mss from ONP, skaldic databases, and FASNL:
AM 304 fol 64va-65rb  edit
AM 305 fol 78rb-78va; 78vb-78v-; 79r-79r; 81rb-82ra  edit
AM 309 fol 59v-60r; 60r-61v; 61v-62r; 62v-64v; 64v-64v; 64v-65r; 70r-70v; 70v-71r; 70v-70v  edit
AM 322 fol 20ra-20rb; 90ra-90vb; 91va-92ra; 92ra-92va; 92va-92vb  edit
AM 330 folx 104r-105r; 105r-106r; 106r-107r; 107r-109r; 109r-112r; 22v-23r; 26r-26v; 28r-28v; 29v-30r; 72r-73r; 73r-74r; 74v-76v; 76v-79r; 79v-80v; 80v-82r  edit
AM 350 fol 73vb-74ra; 74va-74vb; 74vb-75rb; 75rb-75r-; 75rb-75va; 75va-75vb; 76ra-76rb; 76rb-76va; 76va-77ra; 77rb-78ra  image  edit
AM 351 fol 130va-130vb; 131ra-131rb; 68ra-70vb; 70vb-72va  edit
AM 57 4° 40v-40v  edit
AM 58 4° 84r-84r; 84v-84v; 85r-85v; 85v-85v; 86r-86v  edit
AM 60 4° 102va-103rb  edit
AM 61 a 4° 72r-73r; 72r-72r; 73v-73v  edit
AM 65 4° 62r-63r; 62r-62r; 63r-64r; 64v-64v; 65r-65r  edit
AM 69 4° 83r-83v; 84r-84r; 84r-85v  edit
AM 71 4° 8ra-8va  edit
AM 80 4°x 214v-215v  edit
AM 94 4°x 488v-492v; 492v-496v; 497v-498v; 498v-499v; 499v-502v; 503v-504v; 504v-505v; 506v-508v; 508v-511v; 511v-514v; 514v-515v; 516v-518v; 518v-522v; 525v-527v; 527v-529v; 529v-531v; 531v-532v; 533v-534v; 534v-537v; 538v-539v  edit
AM 102 4°x 104-106; 108-110; 112-114; 116-117; 119-120; 121-124; 127-128; 35-37; 41-46; 51-52; 53-54; 56-58; 61-62; 64-65; 67-69; 71-73; 76-79; 82-83; 85-88; 92-95  edit
AM 115 b 4°x 11r-11v; 11v-12r; 12v-13v; 14v-15r; 16v-17v; 19r-26v; 27v-34r  edit
AM 126 4° 87r-88r; 88r-88v  edit
AM 128 4° 77r-77v  edit
AM 136 4° 145r-145r; 145v-145v  edit
AM 138 4° 100r-100r; 100r-100v; 100v-101r; 101r-101r; 101r-102r; 102v-103v; 97v-98r; 98v-99r; 99r-99v; 99v-100r  edit
AM 31 8° 101ra-101rb; 99vb-100rb  edit
AM 32 8°x 205v-207v  edit
Deichman 11 8° 100r-100r; 101r-101v; 101r-101r; 104v-105r; 105v-106r; 68r-69v; 71r-72v; 72v-74r; 74r-75r; 75r-75v; 77v-78v; 83r-83r; 83v-83v; 84r-84r; 84v-84v; 84v-85r; 85v-86r; 86r-86v; 93v-95r; 95r-97r; 97r-97r; 97r-99v; 99v-99v  edit
DG 9 119v-122r; 125r-125v; 127r-127v; 127v-127v; 127v-128r; 128r-128v; 128v-129r; 129r-129v; 129v-130r; 130v-131v  edit
DonVar 1 Barth D folx 795-796  edit
GKS 1154 fol 100r-100r; 100v-100v; 89r-89r; 93v-94r; 95v-95v; 99r-99v; 99v-100r  edit
GKS 3260 4° (3260) 41v-41v; 55va-55vb; 55vb-56rb; 58va-58vb  edit
GKS 3261 4° 116r-116r; 116v-116v; 129v-130v; 130v-131r  edit
GKS 3262 4° 102v-103r; 111v-112r; 115v-116v; 116v-117r; 117r-118r; 99r-101r  edit
Holm perg 11 fol 118r-119r; 119r-119r  edit
Holm perg 25 4° 115v-116v; 116v-117r; 119r-119v  edit
Holm perg 26 4° 8v-9r  edit
Holm perg 27 4° 101v-102v; 104r-104v; 104v-105r; 105r-106r; 77r-77v; 77v-78r; 78r-78v; 78v-80r; 80v-82r  edit
Holm perg 29 4° 58v-59v; 61v-61v; 62r-62r; 62r-62v; 82r-82v; 82r-82r; 83r-84r; 85r-85r; 85v-85v  edit
Holm perg 34 4° 100rb-100vb; 100vb-103vb; 100vb-100v-; 103vb-104rb; 104rb-104va; 106rb-106va; 91ra-92va; 93va-94ra; 94ra-94rb; 94rb-94va; 94va-94vb; 95ra-95va; 95vb-96rb; 96rb-96vb; 96vb-97ra; 97ra-97va; 97va-97vb; 97vb-98rb; 98rb-99ra; 98rb-98r-; 99ra-100rb  edit
Holm perg 35 4° 100v-102v; 102v-103r; 103r-104r; 104r-104v; 104v-105v; 104v-104v; 105v-105v; 105v-106r; 106v-107r; 107r-108r; 111r-112r; 113v-114r; 121r-122r; 124r-124v; 21r-26r; 93r-98v; 99r-100v  edit
Holm perg 9 8° 200r-200v; 202v-202v; 203r-203r; 203r-203v; 203v-204v; 204v-205r; 205r-205v; 205v-206v; 207r-207v; 207v-207v; 208r-208v; 209r-211r  edit
LundUB Mh 15 135va-136rb; 136rb-136va; 136va-137vb; 137vb-138rb; 138rb-138va; 138va-139ra; 139ra-139va; 45rb-45va; 47rb-47va; 47vb-47v-; 48ra-48rb; 48rb-48va; 48va-49ra; 49ra-49rb; 49rb-49vb; 49vb-50vb  edit
NKS 1640 4° 91v-91v  edit
NKS 1642 4° 102ra-107rb; 128vb-128v-; 131ra-132rb; 132rb-132vb; 132vb-133rb; 133rb-135ra; 135ra-135vb; 135vb-136va; 136va-136vb; 137ra-137vb; 137vb-139rb; 139vb-140rb; 140rb-140va; 140va-140vb; 140vb-141va; 141va-142ra; 142ra-142rb; 142rb-142va; 142va-142vb; 143rb-143r-; 143rb-143vb; 143vb-144rb; 144rb-144va; 144va-144vb; 170rb-170vb  edit
NRA 35 A 18va-18vb  edit
NRA 35 B 1r-1r  edit
NRA 48 B 1r-1v  edit
OsloUB 1 4° 100v-102r; 103v-104r; 113v-114v; 87r-88v  edit
OsloUB 317 4° 169rb-170rb; 170rb-170va; 170va-171ra; 171rb-171va; 171vb-171v-; 172ra-172r-; 172rb-172vb; 89ra-89vb; 90v-90v  edit

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