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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Prose works relevant to the database

Kristin réttur Árna biskups (ÁKr)

verse introduction manuscripts contents

mss from ONP, skaldic databases, and FASNL:
AM 343 fol 12vb-13va  image  edit
AM 344 fol 61vb-61v-; 62rb-62va; 62vb-63ra; 63ra-63r-; 63rb-72ra; 72ra-73rb  image  edit
AM 346 fol 1r-13r  edit
AM 347 fol 1ra-4vb  edit
AM 350 fol 107va-121rb; 147vb-148ra  image  edit
AM 351 fol 58ra-58rb; 73va-87vb  edit
AM 354 fol 18r-19r; 2r-4v; 4v-17r; 59v-61r  edit
AM 126 4° 90r-109v  edit
AM 128 4° 95r-109v  edit
AM 132 4° 55r-65v; 66r-66r  image  edit
AM 135 4° 105rb-105vb; 106vb-107ra; 75ra-88ra  edit
AM 136 4° 103v-104r; 108r-108r; 109v-126v  edit
AM 137 4° 82v-100v  edit
AM 138 4° 121v-141v; 179r-179r  edit
AM 139 4° 72v-72v  edit
AM 140 4° 125r-139r  edit
AM 147 4° (147) 112r-133v  image  edit
AM 148 4° 104r-104v; 105v-105v; 106v-107r; 115v-131v; 132v-133v  edit
AM 151 4° 108v-130r  edit
AM 152 4° 105r-124v  edit
AM 153 4° 1r-24v  edit
AM 155 b 4° 1r-18v  edit
AM 157 b 4° 1ra-20ra; 20ra-22va; 22vb-23va  edit
AM 158 a 4° 54v-55r  edit
AM 158 b 4° 1r-14r  edit
AM 159 4° 80v-81r; 83r-92v  edit
AM 160 4° 102r-118v; 119r-123r; 127r-128r  edit
AM 168 b 4° 1r-11v  edit
AM 173 a 6 4° 1v-1v  edit
AM 173 c 4° 10r-10v  edit
AM 173 d B 2 4° 1r-3v  edit
AM 173 d B 3 4° 1r-2v  edit
AM 173 d B 4 4° 1r-1v  edit
AM 173 d B 5 4° 1r-2v  edit
AM 173 d B 6 4° 1r-2v  edit
AM 173 d B 7 4° 1r-2v  edit
AM 173 d B 8 4° 1r-2v  edit
AM 173 d B 9 4° 1ra-2va  edit
AM 173 d C 6 4° 2r-2v  edit
AM 174 I D 4° 5v-6v  edit
AM 175 a 4° 19v-19v; 1v-19r  edit
AM 177 4° 1r-23v  edit
AM 186 4° 30r-30v; 46v-46v; 4v-29v  edit
AM 687 a 4° 2v-2v; 6v-6v  image  edit
AM 39 8° 129r-152v  edit
AM 41 8° 94v-124v  edit
AM 42 a 8° 91v-91v  edit
AM 42 b 8° 1r-22v  edit
AM 48 8° 2r-25v; 30v-30v  edit
AM 49 8° 14r-29r; 1r-12v  edit
AM 50 8° 30r-50v  edit
AM 51 8° 1v-38v  edit
AM 52 8° 1r-28v  edit
AM 456 12° 125-127; 194-195; 228-229  edit
BLAdd 11250 9r-9v  edit
Bodl Icel e 1 104r-125v  edit
GKS 3269 a 4° 87va-102vb  edit
GKS 3270 4° 1va-22ra  image  edit
Holm perg 26 4° 4r-4v; 9v-24v  edit
Holm perg 7 8° 130r-151r  edit
ÍB 14 8°x 1r-37v  image  edit
KBAdd 35 I 4° 1r-1v  edit
NKS 1925 4° 73v-91r; 91v-92r  edit
NKS 1930 a 4° 73v-84v  edit
NRA 8 1r-4v  edit
OsloUB 1 4° 89ra-98vb  edit
Thott 1280 fol 58ra-68vb  edit

mss referred to in stanzas/text: 

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