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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anonymous Poems (Anon)

VIII. Krákumál (Krm) - 29

not in Skj

Krákumál — Anon KrmVIII (Ragn)

Rory McTurk 2017, ‘ Anonymous, Krákumál’ in Margaret Clunies Ross (ed.), Poetry in fornaldarsögur. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 8. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 706. <> (accessed 18 May 2022)

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Skj: Anonyme digte og vers [XII]: H. Krákumál, et islandsk digt fra 12. årh. (AI, 641-9, BI, 649-56)

SkP info: VIII, 706

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mss referred to in stanzas/text:
AM 6 folx, AM 147 4°, NKS 1824 b 4°, UppsUB R 693x, UppsUB R 702x, Worm 1636

mss from the text and poem locations table:

Adv 21 5 2x 266r-271r
Adv 21 5 2x 531-541  image
Adv 21 6 7 IIx 204-209  image
AM 2 folx 51va-54ra
AM 3 folx 85r-90v
AM 6 folx 85v-91v
AM 7 folx 75v-80v
AM 738 4°x 14v-16r  image
AM 761 a 4°x 9v-9v
AM 761 b 4°x 550v-558r  image
AM 761 b 4°x 559r-561v  image
AM 762 4°x -
BibStGen 3714x 153r-160v
BLAdd 6121x 34v-37v
BLAdd 11160x 135r-139v
BLAdd 11174x 77r-79r
GKS 1006 folx 109-120  image
GKS 1006 folx 55r-60v
ÍB 300 4°x 50v-54r  image
Lbs 170 folx 105r-107r
Lbs 214 4°x 147v-149r  image
Lbs 636 4°x 165v-167r  image
Lbs 756 4°x 133v-138r  image
Lbs 1689 4°x 117v-119r  image
Lbs 1341 8°x 33r-36v  image
Lbs 1849 8°x 144r-150r  image
NKS 1824 b 4° -
NKS 1824 b 4° 79r-80v  image
OsloUB 547 4°x 208r-214r
SÁM 72x 141r-144v
Trinity L 2 4x 90v-95v
Trinity L 2 32x 1r-9r
Trinity L 2 32x 9v-16v
UppsUB Ihre 77x 54va-56vb
UppsUB R 692x 2r-7r
UppsUB R 702x -
Worm 1636 197-226  image
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