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Runic Dictionary

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Br (Britain) - 124


Br, British Isles


Br Barnes1Maeshowe1
Br Barnes2Maeshowe1
Br Barnes3Maeshowe1
Br Barnes4Maeshowe1
Br Barnes5Maeshowe1
Br Barnes6Maeshowe
Br Barnes7Maeshowe1
Br Barnes8Maeshowe1
Br Barnes9Maeshowe1
Br Barnes10Maeshowe1
Br Barnes11Maeshowe
Br Barnes12Maeshowe1
Br Barnes13Maeshowe1
Br Barnes14Maeshowe1
Br Barnes15Maeshowe1
Br Barnes16Maeshowe1
Br Barnes17Maeshowe1
Br Barnes18Maeshowe1
Br Barnes19Maeshowe1
Br Barnes20Maeshowe 203
Br Barnes21Maeshowe1
Br Barnes22Maeshowe1
Br Barnes23Maeshowe1
Br Barnes24Maeshowe1
Br Barnes25Maeshowe1
Br Barnes26Maeshowe1
Br Barnes27Maeshowe1
Br Barnes28Maeshowe1
Br Barnes29Maeshowe1
Br Barnes30Maeshowe1
Br Barnes31Maeshowe
Br Barnes32Maeshowe1
Br Barnes33Maeshowe
Br E1Bridekirk
Br E2St Paul's1
Br E3Carlisle Cathedral1
Br E4Lincoln (I)1
Br E6Dearham
Br E7Rochester
Br E8Skelton-in-Cleveland
Br E9Pennington1
Br E10Canterbury
Br E11Conishead
Br E12Winchester, S:t Maurice's church
Br E13St Albans (I)
Br E14St Albans (II)
Br E15Penrith
Br E16Lincoln (II), St. Benedict's Squ
Br NOR1992;6ABraddan (VI)
Br NOR1992;6BAndreas (VII), Larivane Cottage
Br OLSEN;183Andreas (I)
Br OLSEN;184Andreas (II)
Br OLSEN;185AAndreas (III)
Br OLSEN;185BAndreas (IV)
Br OLSEN;185CAndreas (V)
Br OLSEN;189Ballaugh
Br OLSEN;190ABalleigh
Br OLSEN;190BBraddan (I)
Br OLSEN;191ABraddan (II)
Br OLSEN;191BBraddan (III)
Br OLSEN;193ABraddan (IV)
Br OLSEN;193BBride
Br OLSEN;194Onchan (Conchan)
Br OLSEN;199German (I), St John
Br OLSEN;200AGerman (II), Peel
Br OLSEN;200BJurby
Br OLSEN;201Rhyne (Marown)
Br OLSEN;202AMaughold (I)
Br OLSEN;202BMaughold (II)
Br OLSEN;205AMaughold (III), Ballagilley
Br OLSEN;205BMaughold (IV)1
Br OLSEN;208AKirk Michael (I)1
Br OLSEN;208BKirk Michael (II)1
Br OLSEN;215Kirk Michael (III)
Br OLSEN;217AKirk Michael (IV)
Br OLSEN;217BKirk Michael (V)
Br OLSEN;218AKirk Michael (VI)
Br OLSEN;218BKirk Michael (VII)
Br OLSEN;219Kirk Michael (VIII)
Br OR1Broch of Stackrue, Sandwick
Br OR2Unstan
Br OR3?
Br OR4Ring of Brogar (I)
Br OR5Ring of Brogar (II)
Br OR6Birsay (I)
Br OR7Brogar farm
Br OR8Birsay (II)
Br OR9Birsay (III)
Br OR10Orphir (I)
Br OR11Birsay (IV)
Br OR12Westness
Br OR13Skara Brae
Br OR14Tuquoy
Br OR15Orphir (II)
Br OR16Birsay (V)
Br OR17Little Isegarth
Br OR18Skaill Home Farm
Br OR19Orphir (III), Earl's Bu
Br OR20Breckness
Br PAGE1998;9Andreas (VI)
Br PAGE1998;20Braddan (V)
Br PAGE1998;21Maughold (V)
Br SC1Laws, Angus, Monifieth
Br SC2Hunterston, Strathclyde
Br SC3Holy Island (I)
Br SC4Holy Island (II)
Br SC5Holy Island (III)
Br SC6Holy Island (IV)
Br SC7Holy Island (VIII)
Br SC8Kilbar, Barra
Br SC9Holy Island (VI)
Br SC10Inchmarnock
Br SC11Thurso (I)
Br SC12Holy Island (V)
Br SC13Holy Island (VII)
Br SC14Iona
Br SC15Thurso (II)
Br Sh1Cunningsburgh (I)
Br Sh2Cunningsburgh (II)
Br Sh3Cunningsburgh (III)
Br Sh4Papil
Br Sh5Eshaness (I)
Br Sh6Eshaness (II)
Br Sh7Gungstie peninsula
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