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Old Norse Text Database

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Elís saga ok Rósamundar (Elis)

Text Database: Guide to use

On opening the site, the user can select the number of text versions he/she wishes to have available

on the screen – and which text version should determine the ordering (i.e. sequence) of the text segments: mark  the circles alongside the wished-for texts (or remove for texts not wished for), and likewise tick for an ordering sequence.

Click thereafter on 'view'.

Once in the view mode, a new selection of texts and ordering can be obtained by a 'mouse over' on 'select' alongside the French (L2) segment.

If any text has footnotes, these can be read with a mouse over on the icon (notes). The French text L2 has both variants (L2-var) and notes in French (L2-notes), and central notes translated into English (L2-notes_E).

Note: to access (and download) a full text of any version: click on the underlined text name in the view/select menu

Note: the texts are treated as one homogenic chapter (1); click on 1 in the view/sort menu and a list of numbered segments will give instant access to any wished-for segment in the text.

Comments/suggestions, etc. should be sent to

Elís saga ok Rósamundar (Elis)

ed. Tove Hovn Ohlsson

AM 179 folx (AM179 folx) 183v-212v  edit
AM 395 folx (395 folx) 303r-328r  edit
AM 533 4° (533x) 68r-102v  edit
AM 567 II 4° 4r-5v  edit
AM 567 X 4° 1r-1v  image  edit
AM 574 4° 16r-17v  edit
AM 579 4° 1r-7r  edit
AM 580 4° (580) 1r-1v  edit
AM 119 a 8°x 1r-46r  edit
BLAdd 24969x 94r-102v  edit
BorgDist JJx 277v-288v  image  edit
DG 4-7 (4-7) 6ra-17va  edit
Holm papp 98 folx 49r-120v  edit
Holm papp 17 4°x (papp17) 88r-118r  edit
Holm papp 10 8°x (papp10 8°x) 136r-179v  edit
Holm perg 7 fol 16vb-26va  edit
Holm perg 6 4° (Holm6) 86r-106v  edit
ÍBR 5 folx (ÍBR5x) 56r-78v  image  edit
ÍB 172 4°x -  edit
JS 11 8°x 9r-38v  edit
Lbs 633 folx 392r-401v  edit
Lbs 678 4°x -  image  edit
Lbs 824 4°x 40r-49r  edit
Lbs 1504 4°x 557-624  edit
Lbs 1654 4°x 85v-118r  edit
Lbs 2153 4°x 1r-24v  image  edit
Lbs 4635 8°x -  edit
NKS 1144 folx 147v-148r  edit
Rask 31x 304v-325r  edit


ElieFrench (AN) text
DelDe la Gardie fol. 7
Holm6Holm perg. 4to 6
533AM 533 4to
Holm7Holm perg. fol. 7

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