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Data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas

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Anon Leið 30VII, l. 4: Jórsalaborgar ‘city of Jerusalem’
Anon Mdr 40VII, l. 3: höfuðborg ‘chief fortress’
Anon Mey 15VII, l. 2: Jórsalaborgar ‘Jerusalem’
Anon Mv II 6VII, l. 2: höfuðborg ‘the capital city’
Anon Pl 15VII, l. 1: Rúmsborg ‘city of Rome’
Anon Pl 53VII, l. 3: Rúmsborg ‘city of Rome’
Arn Hardr 3II, l. 5: Skjaldborg ‘The shield-wall’
ESk Sigdr I 3II, l. 8: Akrsborg ‘city of Acre’
Anon Lil 30VII, l. 3: borgarmúrr ‘the guarding wall’
Eyv Hák 6I, l. 7: skjaldborgir ‘shield-fortresses’
Gamlkan Has 1VII, l. 4: óðborgar ‘of the fortress of poetry’
Gamlkan Has 45VII, l. 1: Háborgar ‘of the high fortress’
GunnLeif Merl II 9VIII (Bret 9), l. 4: Knútsskógar borg ‘city of Canute’s wood’
GunnLeif Merl II 11VIII (Bret 11), l. 10: Lundúna borg ‘the city of London’
GunnLeif Merl I 30VIII (Bret 98), l. 4: Kantara. borg ‘Canterbury’
Ník Jóndr 3VII, l. 8: hjarlborg ‘earth-castle’
Ótt Hfl 10I, l. 4: Kantara borg ‘Canterbury’
Ótt Knútdr 5I, l. 6: Hemminga borg ‘Hemingbrough’
Sigv Víkv 8I, l. 6: Kantara — borg ‘Canterbury’
Sigv Víkv 13I, l. 6: Gunnvaldsborg ‘Gunnvaldsborg’
Þstf Stuttdr 5II, l. 3: sólborgar ‘of the sun’s stronghold’
StarkSt Vík 10VIII (Gautr 18), l. 5: borglokur ‘the fortress-locks’
Rloð Lv 7VIII (Ragn 23), l. 5: borghlið ‘the gate of a stronghold’

indexed kennings:

index entries (as compounds):
• Akrsborg (Akrsborg - Acre)
• Torsburgen (Torsburgen, Gotland, Sweden)

index entries (as names):
• Borg (Borg, Iceland)

Runic data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas, Uppsala universitet, unless otherwise stated