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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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4. Sources

4.1. Sources for skaldic poetry in the present edition: manuscripts, facsimiles and editions
4.2. The Works

(subheadings only)

4.1.1. Snorra Edda (SnE)


R: Codex Regius, GKS 2367 4° (c. 1300-25). A copy of a late C13th ms. Prologue and Gylf: fols 1r-17v; Skm: fols 18r-41r; þulur: fols 41v-44v; Ht: fols 44v-53r. Ms. R is the most complete ms. of SnE, and it has been the main ms. for most earlier eds after Rask (SnE 1818).

: Codex Trajectinus, Traj 1374ˣ (c. 1595). A copy of a ms. from the second half of the C13th related to R. Prologue and Gylf: fols 1r-18v; Skm: fols 18v-43v; þulur: fols 43v-46v; Ht: fols 46v-52v.

W: Codex Wormianus, AM 242 fol (c. 1350). Ms. W has a lacuna at pp. 121-38 that was filled in from by Sveinn Jónsson (1635-7; designated as ‘Wchart’ in SnE 1848-87). Prologue and Gylf: pp. 2-44; Skm: pp. 44-82 (missing material added on pp. 61-72 from a ms. derived from R); Ht: pp. 139-50 (the end is missing and has been added on pp. 150-1 from the ms. derived from R); Orms-Eddu-brot: pp. 167-9.

U: Codex Upsaliensis, DG 11 (c. 1300-25). Also contains a text of Skáldatal. Prologue and Gylf: fols 1r-18r; Skm: fols 18r-21v, 26r-44r; Ht: fols 47r-55r. The pagination of U elsewhere includes the blank first folio with the text starting on fol. 2r, in which case the pagination in this edition should be increased by one folio.

A: AM 748 1 b 4° (c. 1300-25). Twenty-two leaves. Skm: fols 8v-17r; þulur: fols 17r-21v. The so-called Litla Skálda ‘The Small Skálda’, an introduction to Skm unique to mss A and B, is found on fols 8v-9v (see also SnE 1848-87, II, 428-31; SnE 1931, 255-9). Ms. A is sometimes paginated with the text starting on fol. 7r, in which case the pagination in this edition should be increased by six folios.

B: AM 757 a 4° (c. 1400). Fourteen leaves. The ms. is now damaged and difficult to read. Readings have therefore been supplemented from 744ˣ, which has been used selectively when necessary. Skm: fols 3r-8r; þulur: fols 8r-9v. Fols 3r-3v contain Litla Skálda (see ms. A above and SnE 1848-87, II, 511-15).

744ˣ: AM 744 4°ˣ (c. 1700-25, by Jón Ólafsson). Eighty-nine leaves. Copy of B made when that ms. was more legible than it is now. Skm: fols 11v-53r; þulur: fols 53r-88r.

C: AM 748 II 4° (c. 1400). Thirteen leaves. Skm: fols 1r-11r; þulur: fols 11r-13v.

Facsimiles and editions: R 1940, Tˣ 1985, W 1931, U 1962-77, A 1945, C 1945; U 2012, W 1924, SnE 1818, SnE 1848, SnE 1848-87, I-III, SnE 1931, SnE 1879-81, I-II [Háttatal], SnE 1998, I-II [Skáldskaparmál], SnE 2005 [Prologue & Gylfaginning], SnE 2007 [Háttatal].

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to establish an absolute stemma for the mss of SnE (see the detailed discussions in SnE 1931, xxxvi-xxxix, SnE 1998, I, xxxix, xlvii, SnE 2005, xxix-xxxii), and the order of mss given above (R, , W, U, A, B, C) for Gylf and Skm reflects the order of mss in the SkP editions. The stemma for the þulur, which are not transmitted in mss W and U, differs from that of Gylf and Skm, and the mss fall into two main groups (R, , C and A, B). The order of mss for Ht is R, , W, U; the poem is not transmitted in mss A, B, C. For a discussion of Gylf and Skm, see Section 4.2.1 below; for Ht and the þulur see Sections 4.2.2 and 4.2.3. For more detailed information on Ht and the þulur, see Introduction to Ht and Introduction to Anon Þulur in the textual corpus. Ms. W(167-9) contains two fragments of an expanded, interpolated version of the second part of Skm, usually referred to as Orms-Eddu-brot and designated as ‘Wb’ in the Arnamagnæan edition of SnE (SnE 1848-87, II, 495-500). For a more detailed discussion of these two fragments, see Faulkes in LaufE 1979, 158-9.

Poetry in individual parts of SnE

Aside from numerous stanzas from such eddic poems as Fáfn, Grí, Hávm, Vafþr, Vsp, etc., Gylf contains two skaldic poetic citations, Þhorn Harkv 11I, edited in SkP I, and Bragi Frag 1, also transmitted in Hkr (Yng) but edited in the present volume. Although Skm, too, contains stanzas from eddic poetry not edited in SkP (e.g. Grí 43, Fáfn 42-3, Alv 20, 30, and the entire Grott), the skaldic citations are very numerous, while the volume of poetry transmitted in the individual mss varies (see Section 4.2.1 below). Several stanzas are also cited more than once, which makes it almost impossible to give an absolute count of skaldic stanzas contained in this part of SnE based on the ms. witnesses. Many stanzas from Skm are cited in LaufE (and in RE 1665), and quite a few are found in other sources as well or belong to longer poems edited in other volumes of SkP, particularly in SkP I-II (see the list at the end of Section 2 above). The following stanzas, in alphabetical order with anonymous poetry at the end, are found only in Skm (many are also transmitted in LaufE): Arn Frag 1-3, Arn Herm, Atli Ól, ÁKet Sverr, Bragi Frag 2-3, 5-6, Bragi Rdr 1-2, 4-12, Bragi Troll, Bragi Þórr 1-6, Eil Frag, Eil Þdr 1-3, 5-23, Ekúl Kristdr 1-4, ErrSt Lv, ESk Frag 1-18, ESk Lv 7, ESk Øxfl, Eskál Hardr 1-2, EVald Þórr 1-3, Ggnæv Frag, Ggnæv Þórr, Gizsv Frag, Grani Frag, Hallv Knútdr 1-2, 4-5, 7-8, Hávh Lv, Hfr Hákdr 1-8, Hskv Frag, HSn Magndr, HSt Frag 3-5, KormǪ Sigdr 1-5, 7, Mark Frag 1, Mark Knútr, Mark Lv 1-2, OBarr Frag 1-2, Ormr Frag 1-2, Ormr Woman 1-5, Ótt Óldr 1-6, Refr Ferðv 1-5, Refr Frag 1, 3-4, Refr Giz 2-3, Refr Þorst 1-3, Sigv Frag 1, Skapti Frag, Skúli Lv, Skúli Svǫlðr 1, 3-5, Snæbj Lv 1-2, Steinn Frag, Steinarr Woman, Steinþ Frag, Styrkárr Frag, Sveinn Norðrdr 1-2, ÚlfrU Húsdr 1-2, 4-12, Vetrl Lv, VSt Erf 1-2, Þblǫnd Frag, Þblǫnd Sigdr 1-2, Þdís Saint, Þdís Þórr 1-2, Þfagr Frag 1-3, Þham Frag, Þjóð Haustl 1-20, Þmaur Frag, Þórálfr Frag, ÞSjár Frag 1, 3, Ǫlv Þórr, Anon Bjark 4-6, Anon Kálfv 1-4, Anon (SnE) 1-18, Anon Þorgþ I 1-3, Anon Þorgþ II.

Orms-Eddu-brot contains 24 poetic citations, eight of which (ÞjóðA Magnfl 1/1-2II, Sigv ErfÓl 15/1-4I, Arn Hryn 6/1-4II, 16/1-4II, Gestr Lv 2/1V, ESk Geisl 59/5-8VII, Egill Arkv 8V (Eg 104), Árni Lv 1IV) are edited in other SkP volumes. The remaining stanzas, most of which are also transmitted in LaufE, are the following (in alphabetical order): Ásgr Lv, Bjarni Frag 1-2, ESk Lv 12, Ólsv Hákdr 1, Ólsv Love 2, Rv Lv 33, Skáldþ Lv, SnSt Ht 2/5-8, 40/7-8, SnSt Lv 7, ÚlfrU Húsdr 3, ÞSjár Frag 2, Anon Mfl 1-2, Anon Morg. The inclusion of the two stanzas from Ht is interesting, because no stanzas from that poem are otherwise transmitted in Skm. As Faulkes (LaufE 1979, 158) points out, the stanza attributed to broðir ꜳrní ‘Brother Árni’, most likely Abbot Árni Jónsson of Munkaþverá (1370-9), indicates that this could be a late redaction of Skm, although there is nothing in the stanza itself that points to such a late date of composition.


The pagination below reflects the pagination in the skaldic database and the eds in SkP; the pagination in some facsimiles may differ slightly.

4.1.2. Laufás Edda (LaufE)

Stemma of the X branch (adapted from LaufE 1979, 51):


Manuscripts: X branch

758ˣ: AM 758 4°ˣ (c. 1609; Magnús Ólafsson’s autograph copy, X1). Incomplete, with lacunae; currently 26 paper leaves. The text is a copy of sections in W with little attempt to reproduce the medieval orthography. For a discussion of this ms., see LaufE 1979, 34-9.

papp10ˣ: Holm papp 10 4°ˣ (Icelandic, c. 1650-1700, X2). Fols 12r-53v contain LaufE, copied from 758ˣ when that ms. was complete, via an intermediate ms. Somewhat inaccurate copy of the text in 758ˣ but reliable for reconstructing the lacunae in 758ˣ. For a discussion of this ms., see LaufE 1979, 40-3.

1494ˣ: Thott 1494 4°ˣ (c. 1650-1700, X3). Fols 1-68r are a copy of the X version derived from 758ˣ when that ms. was complete, probably with more than one intermediate ms., with some interpolations from other sources (notably mss R and U of SnE). For a discussion of this ms., see LaufE 1979, 43-8.

164ˣ: AM 164 8°ˣ (c. 1650-1700, X4). Fols 1-45r contains Annar Partur, i.e. the lists of kennings and heiti, but no Dæmisögur. The text is close to papp10ˣ and 1494ˣ. For a discussion, see LaufE 1979, 48-50.

Manuscripts: Y branch

2368ˣ: GKS 2368 4°ˣ (c. 1650, Y1). Pages 1-136 contains LaufE. There are minor alterations and errors in the second part (pp. 79-136) where RE 1665 agrees with 743ˣ (and not with 2368ˣ). For a discussion of this ms., see LaufE 1979, 54-6.

743ˣ: AM 743 4°ˣ (written by Ketill Jörundsson (1603-70), Y2). Fols 1-58v contain materials from LaufE and the Prologue to SnE, fols 60-62 are blank and the second part begins on fol. 63r and ends on fol. 101v. Following fol. 101v there is miscellaneous material that is not in 2368ˣ (for appended materials, see the list in LaufE 1979, 57-9; see also Introduction to Anon Gátur in the present volume), and Árni Magnússon added marginal notes from a ms. close to 164ˣ. For a discussion of this ms., see LaufE 1979, 56-62.

Interpolated mss

742ˣ: AM 742 4°ˣ (c. 1650-1700, written by Björn Jónsson of Skarðsá). Rearranged version of the second part of LaufE with interpolated materials from SnE and other sources. See Jón Helgason (1966a) for materials not recorded elsewhere. For a discussion of this ms., see LaufE 1979, 106-7.

1496ˣ: Thott 1496 4°ˣ (c. 1765). Derived from a text similar to that in X3, but also including material from the second part of the Y version (the second part is from Y1). See also Jón Helgason (1966a) and LaufE 1979, 110-11.

1116ˣ: Lbs 1116 4°ˣ (written 1819). Contains shorter extracts of SnE based on W, as well as material from LaufE (see LaufE 1979, 152-3; Jón Helgason 1966a, 176).

21 6 7 IIˣ: Adv 21 6 7 IIˣ (1750-3, written by Jón Egilsson á Stóra Vatnshorni í Haukadal). See LaufE 1979, 129-31. Used in SkP II, but not in the present vol.

Magnús Ólafsson’s LaufE is a seventeenth-century adaptation of SnE based on ms. W when that ms. was more complete than it is today (for Magnús Ólafsson, see Section 5.2 below). Magnús rearranged and abbreviated the W version of Gylf and Skm and also sporadically included other materials found in that ms., e.g. the section on þokumenn ‘fog-men’ from FoGT (see Anon (FoGT) 30 and Note to [All]). The poetry in LaufE edited in the SkP volumes is transmitted in the two main parts of that work, the Dæmisögur ‘stories, parables’, myths found in Gylf (LaufE 1979, 189-252; contains Anon (FoGT) 30 only), and Annar partur Eddu wmm kienningar ‘The second part of Edda about kennings’ (LaufE 1979, 253-312, 328-407), usually referred to as Annar Partur. The latter part contains materials from Skm and the þulur (heiti and kennings) with accompanying stanzas that illustrate the poetic diction discussed, as in Skm. The heiti and kennings are divided into alphabetical sections from A (Noffn Äsanna ‘Names of the Æsir’, ibid., 252) to Þ (Þang heiter og þari ‘Seaweed and kelp are called’, ibid., 311, 402). The mss of LaufE are divided into an X branch and a Y branch (see above); the shorter X branch most likely represents an abbreviated version of the more extensive Y branch. Both X and Y are abbreviated and re-arranged versions of ms. W and supplemented with the same sources, such as a ms. (or mss) of the þulur, Litla Skálda (see mss A and B above) or a similar compilation, as well as mss of SnE that are no longer extant, including a ms. related to mss A and B, possibly their common antecedent (ibid., 159-77). The Y branch contains more stanzas than the X branch, and errors present in the X branch are usually not reproduced in the Y branch. Magnús Ólafsson translated his Edda into Latin. The translation, which is no longer extant, was based on the Y branch, and it was sent to Denmark in 1629 (ibid., 62; Resen 1977, 55-6).

Poetry in LaufE

Because most of the poetry found in LaufE is also transmitted in other, medieval sources (notably in W) and has little independent value, the LaufE mss are usually not included in the Readings of the SkP editions, but the mss and edition are mentioned in the Introductions to the individual stanzas when pertinent. Readings are included if a comparison with the medieval ms. witnesses shows that the LaufE version most likely derives from a now lost ms., such as the antecedent of mss A and B, or may represent the readings of W when that ms. was more complete than it is today. Poetry that is uniquely transmitted in LaufE includes the following stanzas (in alphabetical order with the anonymous poetry at the end): Arn Frag 4-6, 8, Bjarni Frag 3-5, ESk Lv 14-15, Hallg Frag, HSt Frag 6-7, Ormr Woman 6, Refr Frag 2, Ólsv Hákdr 2, Rv Lv 34-5, Sigv Frag 2, Sturl Frag 1-2, ÞSjár Frag 4, Anon Bjark 3, 7, Anon GnóðÁsm, Anon (LaufE) 1-10, Anon Stríðk.

Edition: LaufE 1979.

The mss listed below are used in the SkP editions (SkP I-III). For detailed descriptions of the numerous post-medieval mss containing versions of or materials from LaufE, see LaufE 1979, 105-53.

4.1.3. Resen’s Edda Islandorum


RE 1665

Peder Hansen Resen’s Edda Islandorum (published 1665) is an annotated adaptation of LaufE with accompanying translations in Latin and Danish (see Section 5.3. below). The Icelandic text is based on a no longer extant ms. of LaufE owned by Bishop Hans Poulsen Resen, Peder Hansen Resen’s grandfather, which was obtained by Stephan J. Stephanius, Danish Royal Historiographer (1599-1650), who rearranged, edited and collated it with Magnús Ólafsson’s Latin Edda (see above), and also supplied the Danish translation (Resen 1977, 47-57). Bishop Resen’s ms. was derived from a revised and interpolated version of the Y branch of LaufE, probably closer to Y2 than Y1 (ibid., 23-9), and it also contained additions from a now lost copy of R as well as readings from U (ibid., 30-1). Some additions to Magnús Ólafsson’s text of Annar Partur are derived from other mss of SnE (þulur) where the text often agrees with A, B, but not always. These additions were most likely introduced by the redactor of Bishop Resen’s ms. (ibid., 41-2). For a concise discussion of the sources of that ms., see Resen 1977, 72; for a stemma of the different versions, see Resen 1977, 92.

Edition (and facsimile): Resen 1977.

Poetry in Resen’s Edda

RE 1665 contains no stanza or poem not found in earlier sources, and the poetic texts printed in that work are often quite garbled and difficult to make sense of. In the present volume, references to RE 1665 are routinely given in the Introduction to the individual stanzas, and readings from RE 1665 are mentioned in the Notes if they may have a bearing on the interpretation of a specific word (e.g. in the þulur editions), but RE 1665 has usually not been incorporated in toto in the variant apparatus because of the poor condition of the poetic texts.

4.1.4. The Third, Fourth and Fifth Grammatical Treatises (TGT, FoGT, GrammSkáld)


A: AM 748 1 b 4° (c. 1300-25). See SnE. GrammSkáld: fol. 1r; TGT: fols 1r-8v.

W: Codex Wormianus, AM 242 fol (c. 1350). See SnE. Prologue to the grammatical treatises: p. 83; TGT: pp. 94-111; FoGT: pp. 111-19.

B: AM 757 a 4° (c. 1400). See SnE. The ms. is now damaged and difficult to read. Readings have therefore been supplemented from 744ˣ, which has been used selectively. TGT: 1r-3r.

744ˣ: AM 744 4°ˣ (c. 1700-25, by Jón Ólafsson). See SnE. Copy of B made when that ms. was more legible than it is now. TGT: 1r-11v.

158 8°ˣ: AM 158 8°ˣ (c. 1600-1700). Ninety-six leaves. Contains SnE plus sections from a late grammatical treatise related to TGT.

Facsimiles and editions: W 1931, A 1945; W 1924, SnE 1848-87, II, 2-249, 397-428, 501-11, TGT 1884, TGT 1927, TGT 1998, FoGT 1884, FoGT 2004, FoGT 2014.

TGT and FoGT are discussed in detail in Sections 4.2.4 and 4.2.5 below; see also Introduction to Anon (TGT) and Introduction to Anon (FoGT) in the textual corpus. The fragmentary eight-line text of the so-called Fifth Grammatical Treatise (GrammSkáld) found in ms. A(1r), is too short to allow any speculations about the possible nature and content of that putative treatise.

Poetry in the Grammatical Treatises

TGT contains a total of 119 skaldic stanzas or parts of stanzas, three of which are cited twice, plus two lines from Grímnismál (Grí 47/1-2) which are not edited in SkP. The following stanzas occur only in TGT (in alphabetical order): Arn Frag 7, Auðunn Lv, Bragi Frag 4, Egill Frag, Eil Þdr 4, ESk Lv 10-11, Glúmr Eir, Guðbr Frag 2 (ll. 1-2 also in GrammSkáld), Guðl Lv, HSt Frag 2, Kolb Lv 7, KormǪ Lv 65, Leiðólfr Frag, Mark Frag 2, Ník Kristdr, Ólhv Frag 1-9, Ólsv Love 1, 3 SkrautO Frag 1-2, SnH Frag, SnSt Frag, StarkSt Frag, Sveinn Frag, Sveinn Norðrdr 3, Þjóðólfr Frag, Anon Bjúgv, Anon Hafl, Anon Kúgdr, Anon (TGT) 1-38. Other stanzas found in TGT that are edited in SkP III are Mark Lv 1/5-6 (whole stanza in Skm, LaufE), Máni Lv 5 (also in Skm and LaufE), Ormr Woman 4/1-2 (whole stanza in Skm, LaufE), SnSt Ht 5/3-6, 15/7-8, 16/1, 28/3-4, 40/1-4, 73/1-4, 83/5-6, SnSt Lv 5 (also in Hák), Anon (SnE) 13 and Þul Sea-kings (also in LaufE). For stanzas edited in other volumes of SkP, see the list at the end of Section 2 above.

Of the 62 stanzas transmitted in FoGT, 47 are anonymous and 15 are attributed to named skalds. Fifty-eight of the 62 stanzas are edited in SkP III. The following stanzas are unique to FoGT (in alphabetical order): Ekúl Frag, Ólhv Thómdr 1-2, SnSt Lv 6, Anon Níkdr 1-3, Anon (FoGT) 1-47. Also edited in the present volume are Bragi Rdr 3 (also in Skm), ESk Lv 13 (also in LaufE and RE 1665), SnSt Ht 12, 14 (also in SnE). For a detailed discussion of the poetry in FoGT, see Clunies Ross in FoGT 2014, xlv-lvi. For stanzas found in FoGT that are edited in other volumes, see the list at the end of Section 2 above.

GrammSkáld contains two stanzas edited in the present volume, Guðbr Frag 2 (also in TGT) and Ólsv Skúldr, while the third stanza, ESkúl Elfv 1/5-8II, is edited in SkP II. One stanza, Ill Lv, is found in ms. 158 8°ˣ, which contains a version of a late grammatical treatise. The other medieval fragment in that treatise, Hildr Lv ll. 5-6I, is edited in SkP I.

The two poetic citations in FGT (Ótt Hlf 8I; ÞjóðA Har 3/1-3II) are edited in SkP I-II; SGT contains no poetry.

4.1.5. Poetry in this edition found in other sources

A small number of single stanzas and one longer poem, RvHbreiðm Hl, are found in mss that do not contain treatises on grammar and poetics. In most cases, these sources and the mss are discussed in detail in other volumes of SkP, and rather than repeating the information given in those volumes, this poetry, with appropriate ms. references, is listed below. If a poem or stanza is found in a ms. or mss not discussed elsewhere, full information on the mss is provided. The present subsection is divided into two parts, the first of which (A) lists poetry that is found both in one or more of the poetric treatises and in mss that do not contain treatises on poetics and grammar. The second sub-group (B) lists poetry that is transmitted only in mss that do not contain such treatises. The stanzas and poems are given in alphabetical order (with the anonymous poetry at the end).

A. Poetry found in one or more of the treatises on poetics and grammar as well as in other mss

Bragi Fragment (Bragi Frag 1): Recorded in Hkr (Yng), mss , F, J2ˣ, as well as in Gylf. For the Hkr mss and stemmata, see SkP I, clxvi-clxxi.

Snorri Sturluson Háttatal (SnSt Ht 63-4, 66): Recorded in Hák, mss E, F, 42ˣ, 81a, 8, 304ˣ, Flat (see SkP II, lxi-lxii; SkP I, clxi-clxii), as well as in mss R, W of SnE (see above).

Snorri Sturluson Lausavísur (SnSt Lv 5): Recorded in Hák, mss E, F, 42ˣ, 81a, 8, Flat. See SkP II, lxi-lxii, SkP I, clxi-clxii. The stanza is also recorded in mss A and W of TGT. See SnE above.

Gátur (Anon Gátur)


625: AM 625 4° (c. 1300, 1400, 1500). The first part of the ms. is dated to c. 1300, and the second part to c. 1400. The gátur are found in the second part, but recorded in a hand from around 1500.

743ˣ: AM 743 4°ˣ (see LaufE above).

167b 3ˣ: AM 167 b 3 8°ˣ (c. 1650).

Málsháttakvæði (Anon Mhkv)


R: Codex Regius, GKS 2367 4° (c. 1300-25). See SnE. Anon Mhkv is recorded on the final two fols, 54v-55r.

Flat: Flateyjarbók, GKS 1005 fol (mainly c. 1387-95). See SkP I, clxi-clxii. Anon Mkhv 11/5-8 is also recorded in Flat.

B. Poetry found in mss that do not contain treatises on poetics and grammar

Hallvarðr háreksblesi Knútsdrápa (Hallv Knútdr 3): Recorded in Knýtl, mss JÓ, 20dˣ, 873ˣ, 41ˣ. See SkP I, clxxix-clxxx.

Hallvarðr háreksblesi Knútsdrápa (Hallv Knútdr 6): Recorded in ÓHHkr, ms. , and in ÓH, mss Holm2, 325V, J2ˣ, 321ˣ, Bæb, 61, 68, 325 XI 2 g, Holm4, 325VII, Flat, Tóm. See SkP I, clxvi-clxxi, clxxvi-clxxix.

Hofgarða-Refr Gestsson Poem about Gizurr gullbrárskáld (Refr Giz 1): Recorded in ÓHHkr, ms. , and in ÓH, mss Holm2, J2ˣ, 321ˣ, 73aˣ, Holm4, 61, 325VII, 325V, Flat, Tóm. See SkP I, clxvi-clxxi, clxxvi-clxxix.

Kormákr Ǫgmundarson Sigurðardrápa (KormǪ Sigdr 6): Recorded in HákgóðHkr, mss , F, J1ˣ, J2ˣ. See SkP I, clxvi-clxxi.

Rǫgnvaldr jarl Kali Kolsson and Hallr Þórarinsson breiðmaga Háttalykill (RvHbreiðm Hl)


papp25ˣ: Holm papp 25 8°ˣ (c. 1665, by Jón Rugman). Copy of an old ms. (end C12th?) of Norwegian or Orcadian provenance. Hl: fols 33r-43r.

R683ˣ: UppsUB 683ˣ (c. 1665, by Jón Rugman). Copy of an old ms. (end C12th?) of Norwegian or Orcadian provenance. Hl: fols 125r-134v. The base ms. for all eds prior to 1937, including Skj and Skald.

Edition: Hl 1941 (with a facsimile of papp25ˣ).

Skúli Þorsteinsson Poem about Svǫlðr (Skúli Svǫlðr 2): Recorded in Fsk, mss FskBˣ, FskAˣ, in ÓTOdd, mss Holm18, 310, in ÓTHkr, mss , F, J1ˣ, J2ˣ, 325VIII 1, and in ÓT, mss 61, 53, 54, Bb, 325VIII 2 b, Flat. See SkP I, clix-clxvi, clxxi.

Bjarkamál in fornu (Anon Bjark 1-2): Recorded in ÓHkr, ms. , as well as in ÓH, mss Holm2, J2ˣ, Bæb, 68, Holm4, 61, 325V, 325VII, Bb, Flat, Tóm and in ms. 141ˣ of Fbr. See SkP I, clxvi-clxxi, clxxvi-clxxix. For Fbr, see SkP V.

Lausavísur from AM 732 b 4° (Anon 732b 1-2):


732b: AM 732 b 4° (c. 1300-25). Nine leaves. The two stanzas are written in the margin of the ms. in a hand from C14th.

Poem about the Phoenix (Anon Phoenix):


194 8°: AM 194 8° (c. 1400-1500).

764: AM 764 4° (c. 1360-80).

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