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Data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas

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parts: borð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘side, plank, board; table...’ • Hǫlkvir (noun m.) ‘[horse, steed]...’

Þhorn Gldr 3I l. 6: borðhǫlkvis ‘the plank’

Anon Eirm 1I, l. 8: borðker ‘the drinking cups’
Anon Liðs 9I, l. 8: gunnborðs ‘of the battle-plank’
Anon Pl 18VII, l. 4: hugborð ‘mind-board’
Anon Pl 27VII, l. 4: haukborðs ‘of the hawk-table’
Arn Magndr 6II, l. 4: hléborðs ‘of the lee-side’
Eskál Hákdr 1I, l. 4: gunnborðs ‘of the battle-board’
Eskál Vell 16I, l. 2: ímunborðs ‘of the battle-board’
Eskál Vell 18I, l. 2: borðmǫrum ‘the gunwale-horses’
Eyv Lv 2I, l. 4: borðmœrar ‘of the gunwale-land’
Eyv Lv 2I, l. 8: gunnborð ‘the battle-board’
Gunnh Lv 1I, l. 2: borðhesti ‘the plank-horse’
Refr Ferðv 4III, l. 2: borðheimr ‘world of ship-planks’
Hókr Eirfl 3I, l. 5: borðmikinn ‘the high-sided’
Ólhelg Lv 4I, l. 4: aurborðs ‘for the plank [ship]’
RvHbreiðm Hl 73III, l. 3: hneigiborða ‘of the bending-boards’
Sigv Erlfl 2I, l. 6: borðvǫll ‘the plank-field’
SnSt Ht 74III, l. 3: borðgrund ‘the ship-board-ground’
Steinn Óldr 4II, l. 5: borðveg ‘gunwale-road’
ÞSjár Þórdr 1I, l. 1: borðharðir ‘hardened’
Þfagr Sveinn 3II, l. 4: borðraukn ‘draught-animals of the ship-board’
Þhorn Gldr 3I, l. 6: borðhǫlkvi ‘the plank-horse’
ÞjóðA Sex 9II, l. 7: hléborð ‘the leeward’
Þloft Glækv 6I, l. 1: borðveggs ‘in the wooden structure’
Bragi Þórr 4III, l. 1: borðróins ‘of the side-rowed’
Þul Skipa 9III, l. 3: kjǫlborð ‘keelboard’

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Runic data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas, Uppsala universitet, unless otherwise stated