Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Anon Óldr 22I

[8] gerðisk ‘made’: A broken stroke under the initial letter in the ms. is probably the bottom stroke of a <g>, though now damaged and hard to read, rather than an inversion mark as proposed in Skj A. The ms. thus has ‘giar’. This reading must be corrupt, as the metre requires a disyllable. It is possible that ‘giar’ is an abbreviation or mistake for gerðisk ‘made’ (inf. gera), which satisfies metre and sense and requires no further emendation. The placing of the verb is unusual by skaldic standards, but not by the standards of the poem (see Introduction). Skj B emends to vas ‘was’ rather than gerðisk, and reads skógar rather than skógs, which yields the necessary disyllable.


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