Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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2. Manuals and Guidelines

2. Manual Supplement 2

1. Referencing and bibliographical issues (HB)
2. Miscellaneous (HB)
3. Formatting (HB)
4. Abbreviations (HB)

(2. Manuals and Guidelines > 2. Manual Supplement 2 > 3. Formatting)

3. Formatting (HB)

  • Whole line lemmata: if the Note discusses a metrical issue or if the line or lines are about some general point that affects them in general, then no lemma should be given. However, in other cases, where the editor wishes to discuss the meaning of a word or words (and those words happen to constitute a whole line), then the lemma (in prose word order) plus translation should be given to aid the reader.
  • For parenthetical information, ‘ – ’, the shorter dash (longer than a hyphen but shorter than the long dash used to separate Notes) should be used, with spaces either side.
  • Where necessary, round brackets may be used within round brackets, e.g. (Hildebertus
    Cenomanensis (C12th), col. 1205). Square brackets should not be used for this purpose.
  • Compounds in hrynhent metre (noun in gen. + noun) should be treated as compound adjectives and not hyphenated.
  • The formula for the explanation of heiti within kenning brackets when genitive or plural sense is required is <sea-king’s>.
  • Helmingar should be referred to as ll. 1-4, 5-8, not a, b. Either of the terms ‘helmingr’ or ‘half-stanza’ are acceptable, according to the preference of individual eds.
  • Line numbers in Notes should be in numerical order from lowest to highest, even where the Prose order reverses the order of the Text (i.e. [5, 6] not [6, 5]).
  • Queries are always placed after the doubtful item, e.g. in the case of doubtful readings ‘gramr: ‘gr(o)m’ (?) J2«’, after words in Notes ‘Holmr (Bornholm?)’.
  • When citing diplomatic editions everything should be in italics (no use of reverse italicisation). Other people’s systems of emendation (e.g. * or †) should not be reproduced.
  • Despite an indication to the contrary in the mini-manual, whole word(s) which have been emended should be italicised in the Notes.
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